New Work Order System – All Please Read!

Good morning.

I wanted to let you all know that the new work order system has been completed and is ready for use. This new system, which provides online real-time work order information, can now be found by clicking the “Support” link at the top of the page at The purpose of this new ticket system is to provide an time stamped method to open a work order, monitor the status of a work order, and then review solutions that were provided during the process. Users will be asked to provide their location, the priority of the issue, the category that it pertains to (i.e. allmeds, centricity, dropbox, etc.) and then they will add a title and a description.

There are a few things I want to make sure everyone pays close attention to as we move forward to implement this new system:

1. It is important to add a title and also a good description of the problem. I cannot address an issue if I am given nothing more than “Can’t Print” in the title and then “Can’t print while working” in the description. I will need a description of the problem using enough detail so that I can prepare for the necessary repairs/support to fix the problem. Also, since these tickets are now posted online and available for everyone to review, they could be used by other employees to locate a similar problem and solution that was already posted. This can only be effective if the person opening the ticket includes good detailed information of the problem.

2. The priority option should not be abused. I have seen more “urgent” requests for things that were far from urgent. For example, let’s say that your outlook email system is not working. This is not a work stoppage issue considering that email can be checked using the web based email system which can be accessed through the link on the desktop. Therefor, this would be something that could be a same business day repair. Here are a few examples of how the priority could be used more effectively:

a. Next business day – This could be for anything that does not prevent the user from accomplishing the tasks that are required of them at that moment. Things like “creating a folder for the large copier” or “needing a new wireless mouse” – these are things that do not prevent work from continuing and should be listed as “Next business day”. Please understand that this does not mean that the issue will not be addressed the same day but it just allows me to prioritize tickets in the event that I haver multiple requests received the same day.

b. Same business day – This should be used for things that need to be done that same day but not necessarily within an immediate 2 hour window. For example, a work order I received asking for the installation of a scanner or configuration of a printer would be something that I would classify as a “Same business day” work order. Again, if there are no tickets ahead of these, then the issue will most likely be addressed within an hour or two.

c. Within 2 hours – This option is for those situations that are critical enough that if they are not solved within the next few hours, they could cause more problems for the user and/or office and clients. They are not so urgent that they priority is “Immediately” because it is not causing immediate work stoppage, but it is an issue that, if not addressed in two hours, could potentially become a work stoppage problem. An example of this would be “local scanner or printer is down” but if the person can route to another printer or user another scanner in the office, then it is something that has a temporary work around but only for a short period of time.

d. Immediately – This is the most critical and, when used, will cause all other tickets opened prior to this to be placed aside. This should only be used for things like servers being down, internet being down, workstations being down, and so on. I have recently received “urgent” work orders for things that were far from urgent. Adding folders to the copier, changing scanner settings, checking on blocked websites (outside of urgent ones for prescriptions) etc. are not urgent. These are regular issues that need to fall under “Next business day” or “Same business day” options. Choosing “immediately” means that the user believes his or her issues are far more serious than any other tickets that are being addressed. Please use this with extreme discipline in order to avoid unnecessary problems within the offices.

All tickets will have the option to be reviewed by management and other users on the network. These tickets are a must and under no circumstance will I respond to work order requests via text messaging. This has proven to cause me the most problems as it not only prevents me from keeping track of issues, but it also causes me to forget the order of requests and thus inevitably leaves me forgetting to address someone’s IT needs. If a user is unable to log in and open a ticket, I recommend that they go to another user on the network and ask them to open a ticket on their behalf.

The last thing I want to point out is that anyone opening a ticket will need to check their emails for updates. All updates to this system are posted to the website and an email is then automatically sent to the user. If someone marks a ticket as urgent, then they will need to be very sure to stand by and check their email for updates that will be coming in immediately. If I cannot get a response from the user, I will have to move on to the next ticket. This has happened in the past quite a few times where someone marks an issue as urgent but then disappears when I am trying to fix the problem. I am making myself available to assist and I need the person opening the ticket to also be available to assist me if I have questions or need access to their files.

There is a video online at that shows how to use the new ticket system. Please visit and locate the new video under our NLPC Tutorial Videos.

* please note that centricity issues pertaining to the error logs and screen shots are not to be sent using this new ticket system. users are required to go to the form under “NLPC/NPSC Forms” and locate the Centricity .txt Error Log Form as this form automatically emails our centricity support technicians.

** please note that management forms (new employee, employee termination, allmeds signature) are still located in their original locations since these forms are not work orders that should be viewed by every user.

Thank you for your time and please let me know if you have any questions.

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